The Alliance Against Modern Slavery 2nd Annual Conference, Oct. 15, Founders Assembly Hall

DATE: October, 15th 2011
TIME: 9am to 5pm (Conference); 5pm to 7:30pm (Concert)
LOCATION: Founders Assembly Hall, Room 152 Founders College, York University.

Similar to the Alliance Against Modern Slavery’s inaugural conference on January
29 2011, it will feature four sessions, each with four to five experts. Sessions
will be followed by a question and answer period.

AAMS is pleased to welcome several leading NGOs, activists, government MPs and
officials, law enforcement personnel, and experts in these areas. The
Honourable Jean Augustine will be joining us and will help open the conference.
Other speakers include Cheryl Perera (CNN Freedom Project Speaker from One
Child), Carleen McGuinty (World Vision), Christina Cudahy (Migrant Workers
Justice), Annie Peng (Dalit Freedom Network), Shirley Gillett (AMFM Canada),
David Peck, (SoChange), Jennifer Richardson (Manitoba Sexual Exploitation
Unit), Diane Redsky (MB Developer of Service Delivery for Sexually Exploited
Youth), Shae Invidiata (FREE-them), Professor Kyle Kilian (Psychology and
PTSD), Will Postma (Save the Children), York University’s Harriet Tubman
Institute, members of the Alliance Against Modern Slavery team and more.

The conference will be followed by a concert featuring AAMS Spokersperson Kate
Todd, Kaesun, Janelle Belgrave and Jeff Gunn of Peace Concept. Video clips of
last year’s concert event are available at

The Alliance Against Modern Slavery’s mission is to research, educate and aid in
partnership with public, private, non-profit, and governmental organizations in
order to end slavery in our local and global communities. It is non-partisan
and non-denominational.

To register for free and to get more information, please visit

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