Graduate History Students in Support of Canada’s Archives – call for testimonials

Dear friends and colleagues,

As most of you have probably already heard, serious cuts are being made to archives across the country; cuts that will not only have an impact on our ability to conduct research, but that will also hinder the ability of archivists to collect and protect records for future generations. While the government has couched these cuts in a language of modernization and digitization, some of these cuts will affect the ability of archives to digitize their collections, not to mention collect new material.
A number of organizations have already begun to mobilize and speak out against these attacks. A group of us, graduate students in the Department of History at York University, feel that, as graduate students in history, our voices should be added to the growing chorus of people speaking out in favour of protecting the valuable work undertaken by archivists and archives.
After meeting, we’ve decided that one of the best contributions we could make – in addition to writing to our MPs and spreading news about these cuts – is to collect testimonials from graduate students on their experience working in archives, large and small. These testimonials will be added to a letter of protest that will be sent to James Moore, the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.
If you would like to contribute a brief text discussing how Canada’s archives – big and small – and their archivists have helped you with your work, as well as how these cuts will impact our ability to uncover our past, please send a short text of 250-300 words to
Given that this is a fairly time-sensitive issue, we would ask that they be sent by Wednesday May 23rd. If you submit a testimonial, please indicate if you would like to remain anonymous.
For more information about these cuts and the actions that are being taken to fight back, visit the York Graduate History Student Association website:


Here is the .pdf version of this letter: GHSSCA Testimonial request

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