Historians’ Craft Series: Dr. Nancy van Deusen on December 5th

Nancy van Deusen

GHSA Historian’s Craft series presents:

Dr. Nancy van Deusen

“All the World in a Village: Indio Slaves in Sixteenth-Century Carmona, Spain”

Thursday December 5th, 2-3:30pm

VH2183 History Common Room

“This case study of the village of Carmona, 20 miles northeast of Seville, Spain, examines the ways the expanding globe was being imagined in the sixteenth century. Two litigation suits initiated by indigenous litigants for their freedom spanned the years from 1557 to 1572 and encompassed three generations (two women, their daughters, and grandchildren). It pitted inhabitants of the village, including slaves called indios from India, Africa, and disparate parts of Latin America, against one another. At play were the relationships of power and class distinctions among the factionalized local elite and the polarized pecheros, or Spanish labourers, who worked side by side with slaves. This presentation is a micro-historical exploration of village-imperial politics carried out against a backdrop of shifting perceptions of human bondage in an increasingly globalized economy. It emphasizes how some of the most peripheral individuals of empire – people in bondage – actively forged global changes on a local level.”

Refreshments will be served. All are welcome. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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