Invitation: “Reception Contexts” Event: Hosted by Dr. Christopher Kyriakides

Dr. Christopher Kyriakides – York’s Canada Research Chair in Socially Engaged Research in Race and Racialization, Department of Sociology – invites you to attend Reception Contexts;a one-day synergy event hosted in partnership with York’s Centre for Refugee Studies. Reception Contextswill connect graduate students, emerging and established scholars working in the broad areas of ethnic exclusion, racialization and immigration in Europe, North America and the Middle East so as to explore and consider how their work can help to shed light on exclusionary practices related to the reception of ‘Syrian refugees’ in various national contexts.

Please find attached details for this Event. To register for the event, please contact Natasha Singh:

We look forward to seeing you there.
*Dr. Christopher Kyriakides holds the Canada Research Chair in Socially Engaged Research in Race and Racialization. Working within the field of Critical Immigration and Refugee Studies, Kyriakides is principally engaged in a critique of ‘post-ality’ through the application of mixed-methods (including institutional, political, urban and communication/cyber ethnography) to the study of the relationship between geo-politics, public policy related to (anti)immigration and (anti)racism, and the neighbourhood negotiation of racism, racialization, nationalism and religious conflict.


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