A message from the Graduate Student Caucus of the Classical Association of Canada

The Graduate Student Caucus (GSC) of the Classical Association of Canada (CAC) is the only group representing the entire body of Classics graduate students in Canada. We encourage student participation in the CAC, organize conference panels on professional development, distribute information of use to students, and advocate from the graduate student perspective within the CAC.
We invite all Classics graduate students at Canadian universities to join the CAC and participate in the activities of the Graduate Student Caucus. Information on joining the CAC can be found on their website (http://cac-scec.ca/wordpress/membership/). All graduate student members of the CAC will automatically be considered members of the GSC, and will be able to participate in the election of the GSC executive and regional representatives at the CAC annual meeting, and to stand for those positions themselves. Student memberships are $25, and come with annual subscriptions to the journals of the association, Phoenix and Mouseion.

The GSC aims to connect and support graduate students in Classics, and we have a meeting each year at the CAC conference where students can meet and discuss issues related to their programs and the profession of Classics. At the CAC, we organize conference panels on professional development. Further information about the GSC can be found at the CAC website (http://cac-scec.ca/wordpress/grad-constitution/).

In addition to joining the CAC, graduate students worldwide can get involved with the activities of the GSC by visiting our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GraduateStudentCaucus). These are designed to be the discussion and information hub for Canadian graduate students in Classics and Ancient History, and provide a good deal of news and conference information of interest to classicists everywhere. You will find calls for papers, graduate funding opportunities, future motions and elections of the GSC, and other information pertinent to our fields and profession.

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