CALL FOR PAPERS: 150 Ideas that Shaped Canada


150 Ideas that Shaped Canada – 150 idées qui ont façonné le Canada

A conference sponsored by the Avie Bennett Historica Chair in Canadian History, Department of History, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, will be held from October 12-14, 2017 at York University in Toronto.


Canadians have always been deep thinkers. Over the past 150 years, they wrote, spoke out, and created art to express ideas about what their country is and could be. Those ideas have both built consensus and provoked debates and confrontations. This conference, entitled “150 Ideas that Shaped Canada”, will provide a scholarly and public forum to identify, reflect upon, and debate core concepts that made and continue to make Canada.

Many ideas that have shaped Canada accord with those implemented in other societies around the world. Others have been particular to a specific region or province in Canada, or to the country as a whole. We invite individual proposals or panel submissions on one or several ideas, whether produced or promoted by individuals, groups, organizations, state and non-state institutions.

The main geographical area is Canada, and the time period is the last 150 years. Proposals might deal with one of the following topics listed below but are not limited to these.  We encourage papers that go beyond conventional understanding and conceptualizations of Canada.


TOPICS (Listed in alphabetical order)

Anti-radicalism; Bannock & Poutine; Beer; Body Checking & Curling Brooms; Canoeing; Citizenship; Civilization/Savagery; Class struggle; Colonization; The Common Good; Communications; Compact; Conservation/Preservation; Cultural subjugation; Creation/Re-creation; The Crown; Dead ducks; Dependency; Dominion; Equality; Exploration; Freedom; Gender; Gender equity; History, Memory, and Heritage; Humour; Honest Broker; Ideologies; Immigration; Mosaic; Middle Power; The North; Otherness; La Patrie; Nationalism & National Policy; Peace/Order/Good Government vs Life/Liberty/Pursuit of Happiness; Performance; Quiet Revolution; Responsibility & Responsible government; Risk Aversion; Solitudes and Bridges; Self-governance; Sovereignty; Staples; Survival/Survivance; Surveying/Surveillance; Symbols; Technology; Toques & Parkas; Trail; Transportation; War; Weather; The West


Panel and roundtable submissions should include a session title, a brief description of the panel or roundtable, abstracts for each paper of no more than 300 words, and a brief biography or one-page c.v./resume for each presenter before December 1, 2016.

Individuals should submit a title, a 300-word abstract plus a brief biography or one-page c.v./resume before December 1, 2016.

Please send your proposal to

Applicants will be notified of the acceptance of their proposal in January 2017.

Papers accepted for this conference may be requested for subsequent publication.



Barbara Crow, Department of Communication Studies,York University

John Lennox, Department of English, York University

Marcel Martel, Department of History, York University

Alexandra Mosquin, Parks Canada

Albert Schrauwers, Department of Anthropology, York University

Marlene Shore, Department of History, York University

Jennifer Stephen, Department of History, York University

Ryan Targa, Department of History, York University


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