Most important GHSA email ever: meeting November 29th and other important stuff

A message from Chelsea Bauer:

The next Historian’s Craft is on November 22nd at 1:30 in the History Common Room. The title of the talk is “At Your Peril”: Perversity, Over-reaching, and Making Enemies when Writing Social History given by McMaster’s Dr. John C. Weaver. Light refreshments will be served.
The book and bake sale and raffle will be on November 24th and 25th in the History Common Room from 10 to 4 each day. The volunteer sign up sheet can be found here, While we would like at least 2 people in each 2-hour shift, even more would be better! Right now we need more people for Friday 10AM-noon, but you’re welcome whenever you can make time. There is also a second tab in the Doc to sign up for baking–although it looks like we’ve got a pretty good haul going.If anyone can help move books into the common room on Wednesday afternoon, or pack them up on Friday afternoon, please let me know (thanks to the people who have already volunteered for this as well). There will also be a raffle basket–right now we have prizes from Moksha Yoga Uptown, Kawartha Winery, and the York bookstore, among others. If you have any leads on merchandise/services you could get donated, the GHSA would appreciate it.
The next union meeting is scheduled for Friday November 25th at 12:30 in Atkinson, room 104. The tentative agenda can be found here, I cannot stress enough how important attendance is at these meetings. If we can’t get quorum (meaning 5% of the union is at the meeting, I think the number is 24 this year) than the union can’t actually make decisions. We have important committee elections that haven’t been able to happen for months because we can’t get quorum and committees are probably the most vital part of the union as they are responsible for bylaw changes, donations, and adjudicating all of the wicked funds that we as members are lucky enough to enjoy. 
The next GHSA meeting is scheduled for November 29th at 12pm in the History Common Room. The meeting is scheduled to run for just over an hour but we have the room booked until 1:30 so we have extra time should any other issues arise. I have included the budget, the agenda and the minutes from the previous meeting that we will be approving at this upcoming meeting. If you would like to add something to the agenda, that’s great. You can email me and I can include it or you can just motion to change the agenda at the meeting, whatever works for you!
This meeting directly follows the next TH@Y Workshop which starts at 10:00am and is also in the History Common Room. The subject of this month’s workshop is Mental Health and Stress Management which definitely applies to all grad students so even if you are not teaching at York this year please feel free to come out what I am sure is going to be another fantastic TH@Y event.
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