Call for Papers: 12th Annual Carleton CGC Conference: Imagined Realities

A message from the Carleton Communication Graduate Caucus

magined Realities: Past, Present and Future
March 16-17, 2017 | Richcraft Hall

Why do past, present and future realities captivate and fascinate? The 12th annual Communication Graduate Caucus (CGC) conference, Imagined Realities, invites us to explore how discourses and representations provide us with roadmaps into potential futures. When imagination enters communication, we get a sense of creativity, of playfulness and of persuasion. We imagine realities in the present to grapple with the uncertainties of the future as well as recollect stories of the past. Imagining is perpetual, but often fragmented and immaterial. The 2017 CGC Graduate Conference invites us to critically reflect on how past, present and future imagined realities impact the way we navigate and conduct our lives.
We are pleased to announce Dr. John Shiga as our keynote speaker, delivering a lecture entitled “Sonar and the eco-sonic imaginary.” Dr. Shiga is Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director of Professional Communication at Ryerson University. The lecture will take place March 16.
We welcome 250-word abstract proposals for individual paper presentations and panels. Panel proposals should include both a 250-word abstract for the panel, explaining how it relates to the conference theme, and a 250-word abstract for the paper.
Please send your 250-word abstract and panel proposals to AND by JANUARY 07, 2017. Include “CGC conference submission” in the email subject line.

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