GHSA call for proposals Black History Projects

A message from Chelsea Bauer:

After voting to re-establish the Black History budget line last year, the GHSA is happy to announce a call for proposals for projects on Black History. The language that was decided upon by the membership last April establishes Black History as a concept that leaves space to address the many diverse experiences of Blackness. The concept is not limited by thematic or geographic area. The budget line for Black History is part of the GHSA’s ongoing commitment to eradicating anti-black racism in both our department and York University. 
Proposals for workshops, round table discussions, seminar presentations, and/or any other activity that relates to the dissemination of knowledge regarding experiences of Blackness or Black History will be accepted and considered by the general membership of the GHSA. The GHSA’s equity officers will accept proposals until January 15th in order to leave enough time for general membership to review the proposals and allocate the funds. In case of multiple proposals funding will be divided between projects. Funds in the amount of 250 dollars that are specifically allocated for a Historian’s Craft speaker on Black History are also available. All proposals will be archived by the equity officers for future reference. 
Proposals can be sent to The equity officers will compile the proposals and present them at the January GHSA meeting to the general membership. I am really looking forward to some amazing proposals. 
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