Fw: Call for Papers: CERES Graduate Student Conference 2017 | Feb 9-10 | Munk School of Global Affairs

The conference will consist of a keynote address by Anna Dolidze that will begin the evening of February 9. Professor Dolidze is a professor of law at Western University and is currently the parliamentary secretary to the President of Georgia. In the past, Dolidze has worked with a number of international organizations, including Human Rights Watch, Russian Justice Initiative, the Permanent Court of Arbitration and Save the Children. She is an expert in international law and has written on the situations in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. On the second day of the conference, graduate students from Canada and abroad will present their research and be given constructive feedback by faculty mentors, who will also serve as paper discussants.


Call for Papers
We are still accepting papers! Please submit a 150-200 word abstract of your paper and a short biography to ceresgsc2017@gmail.com by January 16, 2017. We highly encourage papers from a variety of disciplines! 
The annexation of Crimea and the secessionist movements in Eastern Ukraine, bolstered by Russia, have dramatically reminded everybody that the territorial order in the former Soviet Union is still far from stable. Instead, the region – same as the territory of the former Yugoslavia – has the potential for violent conflicts that pose a threat not only to European stability, but to the international peace order. Apart from the “hot” or “unfrozen” conflict in Ukraine, there are a number of “frozen” conflicts that, after a violent phrase have later been de-escalated. However, these conflicts can be “unfrozen” at anytime.

Panel discussions can be based on:
1) the role of the EU, Russia and other international factors for the development of these conflicts
2) the resources employed by local/regional elites for separatist policies
3) the role historical, institutional and socio-economic factors play
4) peace building efforts and the attempts to stabilize these regions

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