Motion of Non-Confidence in York President Rhonda Lenton and the Board of Governors

(Passed May 1, 2018)


Be it resolved that the Graduate History Students’ Association expresses non-confidence in Rhonda Lenton, President of York University, and in the current Board of Governors of York University.

Be it further resolved that the Graduate History Students’ Association calls for Rhonda Lenton to resign as President of York University.


The York University Administration pushed CUPE 3903 into a strike by bargaining in bad faith for close to six months. York University’s administration has, further, refused to meaningfully bargain for the nine weeks that the strike has dragged on. It has also created complete chaos through an incoherent remediation policy, and through misleading communications with the York community.

President Lenton and the York University Board of Governors have failed in their duties. The Board of Governors has clearly failed to satisfactorily oversee “the government, conduct, management and control of the University and its property, revenues, expenditures, business and affairs.”[1] President Lenton has, herself, entirely failed to “bring educational leadership and a visionary approach to defining the academic and administrative focus of the University.”[2] Furthermore, the actions of President Lenton and the Board of Governors have violated both the spirit and the historical precedent for the application of the York Act, undermining the fundamental principles of York University’s collegial governance laid out therein.[3]

It is time for President Lenton to step aside, so the York University community can select a president of whom all campus stakeholders approve.

It is also time for the current Board of Governors of York University to step aside and give way to a board of governors that is actually representative of the York University student body, and of the various unions that make up York University’s teaching and non-academic staff.

It is time to end the corporate takeover of York University, and to reclaim York University’s status as an institution of public education.

Given all these considerations, the GHSA expresses non-confidence in the leadership of President Rhonda Lenton and the current Board of Governors.



[3] See the York Act (1965), especially sections 10 and 12 which highlight the duties of the Board of Governors and the Senate.

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